Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New take on an old rule

Steve Scott shares some valuable insights on the old familiar 20/80 Rule that says 20 percent of church members do 80 percent of a congregation's work.
The 20/80 rule is a problem, yes, but I believe for different reasons than what I hear most. Most often, the reason given for so few doing so much of the work is that the 80% are lazy, uninterested, sinning, not with the program, unloving, uncaring, unsanctified, or simply just not acting out what God wants for their life.

But, the problem as I see it, is that the 20% are the ones who define what "ministry" is. Actually, the ones who define ministry are a much smaller group than the 20%, but the 20% go along with the definition. People are then expected to fit the ministry mold that has been created for them. Since the Master Moldmaker has created each one of us in a truly unique way, only a certain percentage of people are able to contort their bodies to fit the ministry mold. The others simply don't or can't fit the mold. Since they don't fit, they don't "minister," at least in the way that ministry leaders define ministry.
Thanks to Wilderness Fandango for the link to Mr. Scott's article.


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