Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Heaven all along?

Over at The Path, Ish writes about a sudden discovery while pitching hay:
I noticed something I hadn't before. With a slight breeze which brushed past my nose I smelt distinctly the smell of sage, and upon looking down I saw the pale strands in contrast to the green hay. It had been there before I'm sure. Probably on many different occasions. But I hadn't noticed until that day. I have always marveled that with the spring one can suddenly smell what he couldn't before. The source of the smell has always been there, but with the thaw the ability to smell is suddenly released from its cage. And then the world takes on an element that was missing, although no one seemed to notice until it returned

I wonder what it will be like to transition to heaven. Will it be like the sudden rediscovery of smell in the spring? Where that which has been all along (God's presence) is suddenly noticeable. And then upon looking back we might see where he's been , what he's done though out our lives so clearly. He is here, working, and moving in wonderful ways. But we just simply don't notice him, like I didn't notice the sage. But He is there, and someday we'll be able to look back, see, and smell his wonderful sent which has (hopefully) given flavor to our lives. To lives lived for him.
I wonder, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quote. I guess that people out there really are reading what I write.

1:31 PM, March 24, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

I certainly do. The Path is on my Wednesday morning reading list. Peace.

1:54 PM, March 24, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Oh, and thank you for the quote!

1:55 PM, March 24, 2005  

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