Friday, January 08, 2010

Planning for famine

Are churches in the United States doing enough to address the impact of the current economic downturn on their communities? Here's Dan Edelen:
For years, American Church leaders have failed to plan for the famine despite having the example of Joseph right before them in the Scriptures. Sixteen months after the American economy basically collapsed and still no plan exists. Churches with benevolence ministries got caught amid an onslaught of needy people and the wells ran dry. Yet Christian leaders, especially those on the national stage, act as if nothing happened.
Dan has a few ideas on how we got to this position.
The problem here is one of pride. Tightening one’s belt and preparing for tough times looks like failure or a concession to doom. Neither of those sit well with Church leaders interested in keeping up appearances.
Ouch. Dan has been writing for some time at Cerulean Sanctum on the church and economic issues.


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