Thursday, January 15, 2015

So long, and thanks for all the fish

The title of this posting is flippant, but the sentiments are heartfelt. Ten years ago today I began blogging here at TS. Today I'm really and finally calling it quits.

I'm deeply grateful for you who visited, commented, and supported me through the years. This blog allowed me to enjoy virtual fellowship during times when I sometimes felt very alone in my face-to-face ministry. I'm especially grateful for the handful of you with whom I developed more than virtual relationships--either by postal mail, phone, or in person.

I won't be deleting the site, but I almost certainly won't be posting here again, either (although I haven't ruled out updating this post). Right now I want to unplug a little bit, regroup, get some rest and do some thinking. I may start writing online again one day, but it won't be here.

It's been a wonderful ride. Thanks for the encouragement and especially the prayers.