Friday, January 28, 2005

Another reminder of why we preach

Good thoughts today on becoming and being a Christian from Bill Wallo at Wallo World.

Many people are quite comfortable just existing, going to work each day, coming home, eating their McMeal, and watching the intellectual baby food on TV while relaxing with a couple of beers. A steady diet of that won’t just affect your waistline, it’ll affect your brain as well. Christians fall into the same trap of living an “unexamined” life. But we should all remember that there’s a distinction between “becoming” a Christian and “being” one; the first happens in a moment of redemptive grace, the latter requires a lifetime pursuing God’s righteousness.

Although Bill is writing about a general anti-intellectualism in Christian circles, I think his words apply particularly well to the need for intellectually and spiritually challenging preaching. Bill's post, by the way, is in response to this post by Randy McRoberts on spiritual starvation.


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