Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Technique and relationship

Craig S. Williams (with help from Diogenes Allen) has some heart-of-the-matter thoughts on evangelism and discipleship as relationship. An excerpt:

I believe that one of the thing we need to start leaving behind are systems that would replace relationships. By systems I mean five steps for this, six guages of that, thirty purposes, or x number of habits for happiness. By systems I mean all the promises that we can solve the problem of our lives by attending to whatever list is offered. You see, once we buy into any of these schemes, we buy into a technique, that even though it may name God and Jesus as the goal, ultimately is unable to deliver on its promise. Because God and our life is not a problem to be solved. God is not a goal. God is a person we know in Jesus Christ.

Relationships are not governed by rules but by presence.

As one trying to move, both as a Christian and a preacher, from technique to relationship, I really appreciate Craig's post.


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