Monday, April 18, 2005

Weight, honor, and the Name

Over at Puritas, Andrew reflects on our use of words, particularly as we use them in reference to God. In times past people seemed to appreciate the power of words more than today, Andrew asserts. And a realization of words' power is especially important in reference to God. In that regard, Andrew notes that the Hebrew word for light (not heavy) can also refer to cursing:

If we begin to think of God lightly (that is, as the Hebrew would tell us, to curse God), then no doubt our actions will follow the way we speak of Him. Our words have a powerful effect on our behaviour, to shape the way we think about the world (and if there is any truth in the Word-faith movement, it is in grasping the truth that our psychology is deeply affected by our own words). If we speak of God lightly, I think we will begin to live as if He was a light thing, a trifle. But God will not be trifled with. The infinite glory of God, that makes the Seraphim sing night and day, "Holy Holy Holy," demands that we take His name and our speech about Him seriously, with gravity.

Good point. How wonderful, then, that we can approach God directly crying, "Abba" (Daddy). We are called, somehow, to approach God with a full knowledge of both his infinite love and his infinite holiness. What a blessing that we can.


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