Friday, May 06, 2005

Accustomed to drinking dirty water

Grant Fickel at Maverick Mindset tells the story of finding his two-year-old son down on all fours, drinking out of the dog's water bowl. Grant believes many people in the world are doing the same thing spiritually:

They are so thirsty that they'll drink anything, whatever's placed in front of them so long as it looks remotely drinkable, or if they see others drinking it.

And that's the problem: people are so used to seeing others drinking dirty water, that they are prepared to accept it as good enough. When we know that it's not - but we need to let them know about the good water - the living water.

Jesus shared this idea with the Samaritan woman and she went back and evangelised a whole village.

The task of Christians, as Grant reminds us, is not to tsk-tsk at those whose only experience is drinking dirty water, but to offer them a better alternative through the love of Jesus Christ.


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