Monday, May 16, 2005

"Far out, off the charts radical"

Larry James reminds us that Jesus used to hang out with all sorts of folks. If we want to know Jesus, Larry points out, we need to read not only Paul's letters, but the Gospels. And they show how "Far out, off the charts radical" Jesus really was:

He wasn't too comfortable in church. Or, maybe its more accurate to say when he was in church, most other folks weren't too comfortable!

He wasn't into the status quo.

He was far too inclusive not to raise eyebrows. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was welcome to be with him.

If he were alive today, he wouldn't be welcome in most churches. As a matter of fact, he wouldn't be recognized for who he really is.

I expect he would be ushered outside on a regular basis, especially when he started talking!

Could that really be true? Have Christians today become so tame that Jesus himself would have a hard time being welcome among us?


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