Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Voiding the misuse of Isaiah 55:11

Along the lines of the recent post on preaching and art, Jeff at Anti-Itch Meditation reminds preachers and teachers that Isaiah 55:11 is not a license for delivering poor lessons. Jeff says he's heard too many teachers cite Is. 55:11 as an excuse for a boring message.

This is when I feel like screaming and yelling and pulling my hair out. Isaiah 55:11 was not written as an excuse to butcher God's word or make it irrelevant and still console yourself that it'll do some good.

Jeff reminds us that Isaiah's words were given for a particular purpose: "to remind the people of Israel that what God said about the future is going to happen, so shape up!" It sounds like that message might be helpful to some of us preachers and teachers, too.


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