Thursday, August 11, 2005

Balancing predestination and free will

In a similar vein to David's recent post on immanenace and transcendence, Jeff at Anti-Itch Meditation briefly outlines the problem with siding with either the Calvinistic or Arminian view of predestination:
Without getting into the debate--I believe both sides are equally true as both have biblical support and both sides are equally false when they ignore handy parts of scripture. . . . The issue centers more on people than it does on Scripture, hence the names Arminianism and Calvinism--named after two guys. When you argue the issue you are threatening heroes of the faith.
Jeff's post reminds me of this post where Mick Porter offers some sound advice:
Personally, I find it hard that we could read 1 Cor 1:12-13 and then continue to so boldly label ourselves "Calvinists" or "Arminians" or anything else:


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