Thursday, September 29, 2005

Inside or out?

In a brief, incisive post, Keith Plummer considers churches that use marketing techniques to pull a crowd:
The director of administration of one church that has tried to attract new people by holding rock concerts said, "If you can't get them into your building in one way or another, they're not going to hear your message." That's quite an overstatement but it reflects the commonly held view that the church building is the locus of evangelism. Why does it seem that we're often more interested in getting non-Christians into our sanctuaries than we are with equipping Christians to get the message out?
Exactly. That's a critical part of congregational preaching -- to encourage and help equip the saints to do far more in going out and reaching the lost than one man (the preacher) could do alone.

Update: Jeff of Anti-Itch Meditation has also posted a reaction to K.P.'s post.

Update 2: Thanks to John Telfer Brown, perhaps blogdom's greatest encourager, for pointing out this post at Blogcorner Preacher.


Blogger jeff said...

Not only that, but why isn't our message being presented as Light and Life that naturally should attract a crowd anyway? Bugs are drawn to light, there's lots of bugs, where's the light?

7:59 AM, September 29, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Good questions, Jeff. If we're shining the light, it the light should be sufficient. The problem with emphasizing marketing techniques, I believe, is that it often shows we're trusting more in the power of our techniques than of the Word of God.

8:18 AM, September 29, 2005  
Blogger Dan Edelen said...

Our churches were transformed into gatherings of unbelievers (i.e. - seeker-sensitive) when the Church as individuals stopped evangelizing. This has not only gutted evangelism, but it's gutted discipleship within our churches because church leaders are now afraid to teach anything "too deep" for fear of alienating "seekers."

I hatethat!

9:07 PM, September 29, 2005  
Blogger John said...

You are spot on Milton! JL at Blogcorner Preacher has a similiar post about 'Festival Evangelism' worth a read.


12:01 AM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

I hadn't thought of that connection before, Dan. I'm trying to equip the congregation where I preach to evangelize. Bringing unbelievers into the worship service is fine, but I'll continue to preach the gospel. At our church, I preach with a more evangelistic slant in the mornings and try to preach a more meaty level of discipleship in the evenings.

6:30 AM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the link, John!

6:31 AM, September 30, 2005  

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