Thursday, April 19, 2007

The importance and foundation of preaching

This week Unashamed Workman's "Ten Questions for Expositors" go to Voddie Baucham. Here's a sampling:
So many young preachers pursue the pulpit because they have discovered unusual communication skills in themselves. However, preaching is about so much more. We must be theologians, historians, apologists, churchmen and above all exemplary men, husbands and fathers (see 1 Timothy 3; Titus 1). We must also love and serve the Church. So many young preachers long for conference ministries that reach millions. However, without a love for the local church that goal rings hollow. I want to see a young preacher sweep floors, pick up trash, lead small groups, share the gospel in the secret places, pray for the sick and the afflicted, and manage his home in such a way as to make it a beacon of hope for others. That’s the foundation upon which great preaching is built.
I agree. And there's this:
Without sound preaching and teaching, all else will falter. Hence, preaching is of seminal importance in the grand scheme of church life.
Amen. The whole interview is worth reading


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