Monday, June 11, 2007

Remembering how to sing the blues

Stephen J. Nichols looks at "theology in a minor key" and asks, "Can you get religion without the blues?"
In broad strokes, a theology in a minor key embraces what we so often go to extremes to try to avoid in the contemporary world, the harshness and frailty of life, the presence of sin and evil, the shortcomings and limitations of humanity. In short, all of the realities of life under the curse. Blues invites us to embrace the curse through its articulation of restlessness and despair, longing and disappointment, exile and estrangement—what theologians call alienation. But, a theology in a minor key also sounds a note of hope, as it leads us to the Man of Sorrows and the cross.
Thanks to Between Two Worlds for the link.


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