Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Soul and spirit

Dan Edelen is exploring the difference between soul and spirit. Too often, Dan notes, Westerners classify each human being dichotomously: body and soul. In reality, Dan argues, man is trichotomous: body, soul, and spirit. And why does the distinction matter? Here's Dan:
The more I weigh this before the Lord, the more I believe our dichotomous view of man as being merely body + soul explains much of the deadness of the Western Church. In fact, I wonder if our spiritual glasses are so attuned to only seeing body + soul that we have been practicing a form of Christianity in the West that is not really Christianity at all.
How so?
We’re living out of our emotions and our intellect, out of our souls, but the inner man that God says is the true man is still wadded up deep inside of us, dying to get out and actually change our lives.
Part 2 is also rich.


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