Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuning out or giving in

Victoria Gaines shares her personal experiences on the futility of trying to tune out God:
Eventually, my life started to crack after a series of personal blows and failures, one after another. My life spiraled downwards. There, I was given a glimpse of the darkness of pride, my perfectionism, my efforts to control and manipulate, as well as some very flawed and faulty thinking. . . .

With time, the Cross became more than a sentimental doctrine to me. The Cross became a crucial reality that needs to be operative in my life if I'm to change and grow in Christ. I'd read the Scripture that says "He must increase, but I must decrease," but thought it was up to me to make this happen. That's what I had read and heard preached. But the reason we fail is because the Lord has to do all this, not us. For twenty years I had it backwards. Christ is the One who brings His Cross to bear on my life; it is also Christ who empowers me to live above my circumstances by the power of His Spirit.

I wasn't ready to hear this until I'd exhausted my own resources.
Amen. Vicki has been writing some dynamite posts lately. I recommend reading more of her writings. Also, you can see Vicki's follow-up post here.


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