Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't settle for "Christianity lite"

My friend Bob, along with his son Nate, wonders about the sin of editing Jesus:
Why do we never hear the word "repent" in our churches? Why is sin not spoken of as the fundamental dilemma in all our lives, the dilemma from which the cross alone saves? Thus, lacking a robust understanding of the sin-problem, the cross itself only merits an occasional mention. I know scads of Christians who will go on ad nauseum (every single Easter) about Mel Gibson's whipping post scene, but who shy from all discussion of the cross as their fundamental need now. This moment. Every moment.

For these folks, the church experience is simply a happy get together of wonderfully nice people, where they remind themselves that God is very very pleased with them. In their small groups they talk about how to be a success, or how to be a leader, or how to romance their spouses. They quote their favorite "encouraging" Scriptures back and forth to each other and tell themselves they're doing ministry if they wear a Christian t-shirt or something.
As Bob reminds us, Jesus' message was often "Repent!"


Blogger Sista Cala said...

So many leaders fail to use "repent" because the word is offensive to them. They are afraid of.... if my listeners repent, their eyes will be opened to the need for me to repent....

There's just not too many folks willing to be voices crying in the wilderness.

11:40 AM, November 28, 2008  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

I'm afraid you're right.

4:51 PM, November 28, 2008  

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