Monday, December 15, 2008

Gift of grace

The Web is full of writers publishing outstanding theology on their blogs. It's harder, though, to find those who show how Christ-centered doctrine is worked out in the quotidian affairs of life. Victoria Gaines is one of those bloggers. Here's a sample:
Understanding is a gift of grace. We won't get it from everybody, but sometimes that's all we need. Reprimands, isolation, and criticism never work for me, but a caring heart ministers deeply.

Too many times I've dispensed needless advice to a hurting friend when all she needed was a hug. Too many times I've misjudged a wrong attitude when it was just someone's fatigue talking. I'm learning to cut people slack and listen with the heart, realizing that our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being are all intricately connected.

Listening with the heart takes practice. Discerning what a person needs {or doesn't need} comes as we're in tune with His Spirit. God always knows what we need. His Spirit will cultivate in us a compassionate, discerning, and caring heart. The more we experience His deeply personal ministry to us, the more we're able to comfort and understand others.
Amen. Thanks, Vicki.


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