Monday, December 22, 2008

A little Christmas gift

In addition to the links I post every few days to free online Bible commentaries, I've been downloading commentaries onto my own computer for quick and easy access. Right now I have more than a thousand of them, enough to fit nicely onto one DVD. It's a very useful study resource if you have a slow internet connection.

I'd be happy to share all these commentaries with you if you're interested. I'm not eager to expose either my e-mail or postal address online, so if you'd like a copy, here's what to do: Find my e-mail address by following the VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE link. Send me an e-mail letting me know you'd like a copy of the DVD, and I'll e-mail you back my postal address. If you'll send me a pre-posted, self-addressed envelope for shipping the DVD, I'll send you a copy--free, as long as you provide postage and a mailing envelope.

Please bear in mind that many of the files I'll be sending you are copyrighted with the stipulation that they not be sold. In other words, free and non-commercial has to stay free and non-commercial.


Blogger Jay Davis said...

Would they fit on a usb thumb drive?
And what are some examples of what you have?

8:51 AM, December 23, 2008  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

If you look back over the blog posts here over the past month or so, you can get an idea of what I've got. It's 4 GB worth, so to answer your first question, it would depend on the thumb drive.

2:44 PM, December 23, 2008  

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