Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Stay in your lane"

Barry Maxwell offers some sound advice on obeying God one step at a time:
How often we complicate God’s will by demanding to know what God would not have us know yet. God commands an obedient step and before we take it begin asking about the six steps later. For examples: If I forgive her then what will happen if she does it again? If I give my stuff away then what will I do if I might need it again? If I initiate that difficult conversation then what will happen to our relationship down the road? If I move there then what will our life look like in ten years? If I love him again then what if he doesn’t reciprocate? If I leave this ministry then what will happen with it next year? If I take on that ministry then what will become of it? Why do I need to this since it wasn’t what so-and-so needed to do in their situation?

Before long we complicate ourselves into paralysis. Because we can’t know everything we don’t do anything. But we simply cannot know all that God is doing “under the radar.” God will be trusted for who he is, not what he can prove.
Plus, Barry's article has the added benefit of a strong U.S. Army angle. Hoo-ah.


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