Monday, March 30, 2009

"Jesus was ugly"

So says Jeff Weddle, who makes the case pretty convincingly from Isaiah 53:2:
Now, I understand why this is offensive to some; it shatters our romantic notions. But I do believe scripture must triumph over romance.

To me the fact that Jesus was ugly is perfect. It makes too much sense. It’s the exact opposite of what people desire. It’s the exact opposite of what men would devise. Modern pictures of Jesus do not show an ugly man, humans wouldn’t hang up pictures of ugly guys over their reading chairs.

Is there doctrinal significance to his ugliness? Only to the extent of understanding the suffering of Christ. A man acquainted with sorrow means a guy whose life was constant anguish. Every aspect of his life was horrendous suffering.

I think we miss out on that when we replace the Jesus of Scripture with the Jesus of romance. Makes it seem like his salvation mission was more of a vacation from heaven.
Good points.


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