Friday, April 24, 2009

Spirit leadership

Victoria Gaines asks Christians how "just do it" discipleship is working for them. Why?
Because I can't do it. Thankfully, the Christian life is not about morality, willpower, or trying our best. This truth bears out as we finally admit discouragement with our own behavior. Sometimes, even as we're grasping truths that we're desperate to experience, our personal battles seem more fierce than before. But I'm here to tell you - we're living in the Promised Land when we truly believe that Christ is our Life.

Thoughts rush in: If faith is the victory, what kind of faith is it when I'm relying on myself to grow more or do better? Christ is already my Victor. I don't want to naively nullify His work in me by glorying in my failures. Look to Christ, I say.

Because if I keep confessing the same sins over and over again, trying harder "next time" rather than let the Lord deal with my self-life, I'm sunk. This cycle is burdensome. But His forgiveness is a fact - I rejoice in it. His provision for my relief (self addiction; bondage of self) is a fact, too - sometimes called the crucified life, the exchanged Life - simple reliance and trust in His life living through me. His grace draws us to His Life when we're sick and tired of ours.
Amen, amen.


Blogger Vicki said...

Thank you for this. Praying for you today. Will you also pray for us? One health battle after another, and yet we're resting in the comfort of our Great Physician who has everything under control. ♥

12:10 PM, April 24, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

Will do, Vicki. Thanks for praying for me.

1:12 PM, April 24, 2009  

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