Friday, September 25, 2009

His passion, not ours

Victoria Gaines looks at Facebook, Christian discipleship, and the need to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ:
Sometimes we lose focus.

My old pastor, now with the Lord, said he never lifted any banner from the pulpit, except the Banner of Christ. He was a wise pastor, but not everyone agreed with him. Took me all these years to understand. Many times we confuse our human zeal with Divine passion. Enthusiasm for a cause is not necessarily the same as a passion for Christ. Anyone can fight hunger, give money, help the poor. One person might do these things out of deep love for our Savior. Another person does the same because he thinks it gives his life purpose. Personal motivations are varied and many. But we don't have to rally folks around a cause; the Shepherd leads His own.

Causes are good - don't get me wrong. But it seems we're more gullible when we're not rightly focused. Besides, the flesh - our human efforts - can only produce so much fruit. Synthetic fruit, at that. Real passion is fueled by Him, giving way to greater and long-lasting fruit. These are the works propelled by His love. This is energy that completes the task and doesn't burn out. It's not pressured or guilt-induced, either.
Well said.


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