Monday, October 19, 2009

Jesus' strategically poor choices

John Frye reflects on who Jesus chose as his disciples and notes that our Lord's choices run counter to "current conventional evangelistic wisdom" :
Can you imagine if Jesus had chosen Nicodemas? That would have been a foothold in the door to the Sanhedrin, Israel’s supreme court! What if Jesus won Israel’s supreme court? But to choose Thaddaeus? Who’s Thaddaeus?

I love the observation mentioned in Acts 4:13 where the religious opponents to Peter and John acknowledged that the two disciples were unlearned, unschooled, ordinary men. The other observation was that “they had been with Jesus.”

Living water is like ordinary water: it flows to the lowest points. The Gospel runs in street gutters (as Mother Teresa so ably demonstrated). Not too many influential, smart, movers and shakers made up the Corinthian church, but when they gathered together Jesus was in their midst. . . .


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