Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who do you say?

John Frye has posted a spot-on assessment on why it matters that Jesus is the Messiah. Here's a sample:
Who do the people today say that Jesus is? Some wrap Jesus in the red, white and blue and say he’s America’s savior. Some wrap Jesus in a white lab coat and rest in the presence of the ultimate therapist. Others grab a beer and cigar and talk about Jesus the Dude. Others endorse the social activist Jesus out to feed the poor and bring down the Man. Curiously there are some even within the evangelical camp who promote the antiseptic, clean Jesus with no gory blood and no rugged cross. Others revere “Jesus, the Family Guy,” whose sole purpose is to focus on and to preserve the USAmerican nuclear family unit. Of course, there is the massively diminished Jesus of the Jesus Seminar crowd, but who gives a rip about that Jesus? I don’t. The very last vision people today have of Jesus, even if they have one, is that he is the Messiah—the unconventional One who ushers in a revolutionary kingdom that turns our little, petty, self-centered kingdoms upside down. “Christ” is just Jesus’ last name to a lot of these folks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thankfully, for us all, God is patient.

7:13 PM, October 28, 2009  
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