Monday, April 05, 2010

The best evangelism technique

Evangelism and missions are at the heart of the call to Christian discipleship (Mt. 28:19-20), and most Christians would agree the church needs to do more in those areas. But how can the church go about increasing the work of mission? Marcus Honeysett has given thought to that question, and his conclusions are spot-on:
It was possible to do all the matters of technique but miss this crucial core. . . . I used to think that mission-mindedness could be developed even if I wasn't sure the person's heart was in it. Now I don't. Mission is the overflow of joy in God, or it is useless.

If you get a group that is delighted with Christ, enjoying the Word, full of the Holy Spirit, passionate to get into the things that God is passionate about, they will be irrepressible in mission. And if they aren't like that you can do all the skills training you like but the result will be impoverished and guilt-driven. I have lost count of the number of students I have seen do evangelism out of peer pressure, or feeling that it just goes with the territory. The nasty bit I have to do so I can get on with the nice stuff afterwards.
Too true. I recommend Marcus's whole essay.


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