Monday, May 24, 2010

Attendance counts

Hats off to J.D. Hatfield for going head-on against a highly popular misconception in Christian circles. His topic? J.D. is doing a series on why Christians must attend a local worship assembly. Here's a sample:
Hiding away in an electronic church world, where the entire ministry you receive is by radio, television, and the Internet will simply not do. You need more;, you need the local body, and without that, those other things can be a curse instead of a blessing. These things can become a form of rejection, not release. Apart from a local assembly, there is no scriptural justification for them. I'm not saying these very things are damning you to hell, but I am saying for those that will not attend a local church, they are manifesting a rejection of discipleship, of personal responsibility before the Lord, of an internal witness on the soul and of scriptural warning.
Amen. I recommend J.D.'s whole article.

Update: Bob Spencer shares somewhat related thoughts here and here.


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