Monday, May 17, 2010

Faith or control?

Dan Edelen has written powerfully about the illusion of control, especially in North America:
Fact is, you and I don’t have any. Control is an illusion created by our culture. We in America idolize the self-made bootstrapper, yet if we can’t control whether or not we take our next breath, then ultimately, we are not in control of our lives.

Most people in America, most Christians even, have their minds fogged by the illusion of control. And the illusion is easy to believe because we surround ourselves with gadgets and services that perpetuate it. We read books, especially self-help tomes, that reinforce that we can be masters of our personal kingdoms. We are told that getting ahead is all about our own efforts. Our society holds out a roadmap that shows that if we just work hard enough, we can walk from the mall entrance to Neiman Marcus.

But if you’ve lived long enough, you begin to see what we have been fed about controlling our lives is a lie. Sometimes, no matter how hard we work toward a goal, it never arrives. Sickness intrudes. Randomness strikes. A butterfly in China flaps its wings and a tornado destroys a palatial estate accrued through decades of sweat. In the great mall of life, we end up in Spencer Gifts staring at black light posters instead of negotiating down the price of a Botero at Neiman.
Too true. And whether or not Dan's predictions about the current economic downturn ever come to pass, his observations that faith is the opposite of control is dead-on.


Blogger pedro said...

The systematic re-branding of occult philosophy in a new religious cum academic packages has made it difficult for many Christians to appreciate the theme of this article.

Mind power is not the same thing as the power of the Holy Spirit. Depending on the Holy Spirit is not the same thing as developing and tapping into your mind power. Human mind is in need of renewal into the mind of Jesus Christ not development.

Unfortunately, many movers and shakers in the forefront of leadership in the Christian faith today are caught up in this mess consciously or unconsciously. The Lord will bless us with men truly called into the fivefold ministry by God. I pray this prayer because men with ministry gifts are grounded in the scriptures and discernment.

Those who are sighing before the Lord's presence are getting tremendous encouragement from him that he will not abandon his inheritance, his prized possession that he bought with his Emmanuel’s blood to be mislead and deceived by novices and crafty men.

It is about time those who have God's word that equip the saints to come out from hiding, come out from the popularity train and to start bearing the Lord's burden and reproaches. The body of Christ is in need of those that will care for her, not make name at her expense. God is seeking those who will rather speak the truth of the words of scripture and build God's lively stones and suffer than enjoy acceptance and acknowledgement of supposedly big names, and "powerful" conference speaking opportunities.

Whoever claims to be God's servant, needs to be reminded that God is watching all of your off stage thoughts and deeds. Those he has gifted with the gift of discernment of spirit is also watching the spirit in operation each time you are carrying out God's mission or performing whichever is applicable.

All you faithful servants of God who are serving him with singleness of purpose, the lord is rejoicing over you with great rejoicing. Your reward awaits you - do not despair. Keep your eyes on the prize which God who cannot lie has shown you and promised you. May the Lord keep meeting your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Amen

5:01 PM, May 17, 2010  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

I'm not quite sure how your comment relates to my or Dan's posts, but thanks for visiting.

5:22 PM, May 17, 2010  

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