Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Book of Eli and the gospel

Whatever you may have heard to the contrary, The Book of Eli, Mike Leake explains, simply does not have a "Christian message."
I’m not just simply straining gnats here. Apparently Eli has the entire Bible memorized. That’s awesome. But he misses the message. In his opinion the message of the Bible is, “Do good to others above yourself.”

There is absolutely no mention of Jesus. No mention of redemption in Christ. The Bible is seen as a great book. But in the end it is placed alongside other great books of faith like the Torah, Koran, etc. The view of Christ and the Scriptures is the typical secular view of what it means to be a Christian.

Don’t get me wrong; we can learn a ton from Eli. His passion for the Scriptures is wonderful. His single-minded devotion to doing what “the voice” told him is compelling. We can learn much from this man. But he does not proclaim a risen Christ. So, I’m shocked and a little disturbed that respected Christian reviewers can say this movie is Christian.
Pretty much all I know about the movie I've read in Mike's post, but based on the information he gives, Mike's assessment sounds right.


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