Tuesday, July 06, 2010

No more downloaded sermons

Matt Redmond explains why he no longer listens to downloaded sermons. This point is particularly insightful:
It all started - or stopped, if you will - because I was tiring of the celebrity pastor phenomenon sweeping the evangelical landscape. For good or ill, it was starting to sicken me. I seemed to hear more people talk about the sermon they downloaded than the one the pastor put over them had delivered for their good. In this I heard the dissatisfaction of past moments in the life of Matt Redmond in their elation. I had so often said and done and thought just as they, it took no degree of imagination to hear my voice say the exact same thing. I had been more than a little guilty of downgrading the importance of the sermon served up by the shepherd appointed to feed my soul and watch it. By God. And I had upgraded the importance of the pastor who would never know me or my family...that is, apart from my desire to follow said pastor around to conference after conference after conference. After conference.

That realization goes right along with the main focus of Matt's decision:

My main reason for no longer listening to sermons by celebrity preachers is...well, I have a preacher. When I am not preaching, he is my preacher/pastor. God has given him to me and my family for my good and his glory. He is the principle human agent I should be looking to for making sure my soul is fed. Are there better preachers out there? Yes. Of course, for there always will be. But they are not my pastor/shepherd. I would prefer for nothing to get in the way of what God has put in front of me to keep me on the way.
One could niggle with Matt's terminology (and spelling), but his main ideas are right on target.


Blogger The Seeking Disciple said...

I think he is on to something. Before the days of downloads, people would listen to sermons on tape or on the radio but today we can hear hundreds of sermons simply at the click of a button. Celebrity sermons hurt "average" preachers because people here only polished sermons and not the full sermons. They come and hear their preacher and he makes mistakes and blunders in his speaking sometimes and they begin to compare him to Dr. ____ that they downloaded last night. It has hurt the average preacher I would say.

6:36 PM, July 06, 2010  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

I agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Peace.

6:44 PM, July 06, 2010  

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