Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday commentaries link (8/24/10)

Here's a choice find for free, online Bible commentaries: Litteral's Christian Library, a project by Roman Catholic layman John Litteral. Mr. Litteral has a commentaries page with links to commentaries from writers in the early church. To my knowledge, Mr. Litteral's site offers the only free English translations of Theodoret's commentary on Jonah (5th century) or John of Damascus's commentaries (8th century) on 2 Timothy and Philemon. The site also offers a catena of comments on Jonah by Theodoret, Jerome, Cyril, and other early expositors.

Pre-Modern and non-Western commentaries can offer valuable perspectives to interpretation in the present-day West. The commentaries at Litteral's Christian Library are a good contribution to the growing collection of what's now available free, online in English translation.


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