Monday, September 13, 2010

Objective tests for spiritual health

Usually I post only a couple of links a day, but I've been away for a while, so here goes.

This one looks unusually strong for that sort of thing: 10 Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health.

Related (and flat-knocking): 12 Questions to Find Your Functional Saviors.

And here's one more: "So is your community a community of performance or a community of grace?"

I usually don't care much for these kinds of assessments, but these are all rich.


Blogger Ibrahimblogs said...

All the three links are good. They are indeed rich! Thanks for sharing!

This is Ibrahim from Israeli Uncensored News

2:39 AM, September 14, 2010  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

You're welcome. Thanks for reading.

7:25 PM, September 14, 2010  

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