Monday, October 04, 2010

Real-world leadership

Marcus Honeysett shares some very challenging thoughts on Numbers 13. That chapter of the Bible tells of how10 of the 12 men sent to reconnoiter the promised land came back frightened and recommended that the Israelites disobey God. Why do the actions of God's people more than 3000 years ago matter today? As Marcus points out, before being sent on the most important mission of their lives, these men were the leaders among their people, ostensibly strong and faithful. But...
Numbers 13 scares me because it shows it is possible to play the part of a respected leader, maybe for years, and yet not know God. And for it only get revealed when actual faith is demanded. At which point such leaders run for the hills and try to take the people with them.
Very good point. And how should a faithful leader live?
The heart of being a godly leader is to be obsessed and thrilled with God. To so have him before our eyes that he fills our gaze and utterly satisfies us with his presence. Our leadership is meant to come out of the overflow of that.


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