Monday, February 28, 2011

Slow change and preaching

This weblog is committed to the transformation of Christians into the image of Christ. And, as Trevin Wax points out, a major vehicle for that transformation is biblical preaching:
Pastors, don’t underestimate the cumulative effect of your preaching. You are not dumping information into brains. You are forming the habits of your people, teaching them how to read and understand and apply the Bible for themselves. How you preach week after week matters just as much as what you preach.

Weekly confrontation with the Word of God slowly changes how we look at the world. We see God more clearly, our human state, and the future of the world within the Bible’s framework, even if we don’t remember all the information in an individual message. Sermons gradually change the way we think and feel and believe and hope.
Amen. And thanks to Darryl Dash for the link.


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