Thursday, August 18, 2011

Telling the truth about deceit

I've been wanting to post something here, but nothing has jumped out at me--till today. Jeff Weddle is blogging about deceit, and as he's wont to do, he's been hitting the ball hard lately. Consider, for example, this lead-off shot in Jeff's post on Deceit and Pride:
The main reason we are susceptible to deceit is because we are proud. Pride resists reality because reality is not very flattering.

God gives grace to the humble. This is true even though we believe the deceptive doctrine that there is nothing we do to get God’s grace. Humility is required to be saved because God’s message is humbling to humanity.
The conclusion of his post on The Main Point of Satan's Deceit is another frozen rope:
Many charge me with legalism and works righteousness when I point out these verses, “We’re saved by faith, not works!” Agreed, and faith hears and does what God says. Faith is first, action follows. If the action never follows there is no basis to claim faith.

This is simple, straightforward Bible teaching. Yet we live in an age where the traditions of men and deceptive visions rule our teaching rather than the eternally solid rock of God’s Word. No one knows the Bible. No one reads it.

If we did, we’d see how clear it was. Be not deceived, those who don’t hear God’s Word do not have faith. Oh, read the word, read the word, read the word.
Amen! Preach it, brother.


Blogger Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

11:39 AM, August 19, 2011  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Well, I don't know you at all, but I checked your blog and it's free of malware. Perhaps some of the readers will click over and help. All the best.

1:22 PM, August 19, 2011  

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