Friday, May 02, 2014

Hey you

Is there anybody out there?

It's humbling going from a mildly popular preaching blogger eight or nine years ago to someone with practically no readers today. That situation came about, of course, because I pretty much stopped blogging for two or three years. And a big part of what little popularity I had back in the oughts came about because I worked hard to cultivate readership. I may start trying to promote this blog again some day, but first I want to get back into the swing of regular blogging.

And if you're reading this, thanks for visiting.


Blogger Doug Floyd said...

Hey MIlton,

I'm here, I added your link to my sidebar. Good to see you posting again. Blessings!

3:07 PM, May 05, 2014  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks so much, Doug. I've been enjoying Doug Talks Torah.

8:44 AM, May 08, 2014  

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