Friday, June 20, 2014

Mothers & Fathers day divide

Matt Dabbs may have really hit on something in his observations on the very different approaches to Mother's Day and Father's Day sermons.
Mother’s day sermons feel like a pep rally for mom’s. We cheer them on. We celebrate their awesomeness. We give them the praise they deserve. Mother’s Day sermons feels like a team of mom’s just won some sort of mother world championship…the confetti and balloons fall and everyone is jumping up and down in celebration…
Then there is Father’s day. Father’s day feels like the losing team, half-time locker room speech. The coach is getting on to the guys…telling them how they royally messed up the first half and if they don’t shape up, will mess up the second half just as badly.
Matt goes on to offer possible reasons for the disparity, and he calls for what sounds like a very helpful solution.


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