Friday, June 09, 2006

"Don't accept the status quo"

Dan Edelen has finished his series on Unshackling the American Church with a diatribe against mammon:
Too many of us in the American Church can't see our hypocrisy. While Evangelicals rail against the secularized liberal elite that preaches a nonstop stream of dissolute sexual freedom, at the same time that same Christian Right has few hang-ups about unimpeded avarice deified. We certainly wouldn't champion being "pro-choice" when it comes to abortion, but try to take away our consumer choices (two hundred breakfast cereals, anyone?) and we'll holler just as loud as the pro-death leftists we say we oppose.

We of all people, the ones who fully understand the depths of human corruption, should be the folks casting a wary eye on economic systems run by fallen men. Yet we so easily fake blindness to unrestricted markets and the devastation they bring through the hands of unregenerate men and women. What does it say about us that all too often we're capitalists first and Christians second?
Dan is raising issues critical to faithful discipleship. Are we North American Christians listening?


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