Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Jesus' name

Mart De Haan reflects on the idea of praying in Jesus' name:
It’s been interesting for me to be reminded that we are not just told to pray in the name of Jesus, but to be baptized in Jesus name, to teach one another in Jesus name, and also to say everything we say… and do everything we do… in the name of Jesus (Col 3:17).

One thing I can’t find in the New Testament (but maybe I’m overlooking something) is an example of anyone ending their prayers with, “in Jesus name”. Maybe I’m missing the obvious, but it seems like the one thing some of us think “praying in the name of Jesus” means… may be the one thing it doesn’t mean.

Yet more than a few of us (me included) have been afraid to not end our prayers that way, and probably were afraid of sounding faithless and disloyal–especially in public prayers– if we didn’t use some form of those closing words.

Mr. De Haan makes other excellent points. Thanks to BibleX for the link.


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