Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A God willing to be known

As a preacher, I need to remember that my most important task is proclaiming the Word of God. That means preachers must know God and make him known. Mr. Standfast has a beautiful post today about knowing God.

Indeed, the Lord is so willing to be known, He would have us call Him Papa. Let no one deceive you with false humility. The curtain on the Holy of Holies was rent in two when Christ died on the tree. Jehovah became accessible. This is no boast of men, for it was all His doing. Knock, and the door shall be opened.

The article had me hooked from the beginning, where Mr. Standfast talks about The Gospel of John: The Film. I agree that Jesus in this film shows a "beautiful hardiness" unlike the soporific Jesuses in the films I grew up watching.


Blogger Bob Spencer said...

Hi Milton: You've got a fine thing going here. Thanks so much for your kind words regarding Mr. Standfast. I will be adding you to my blogroll very soon.

7:47 PM, January 18, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks, Bob.

4:13 PM, January 29, 2005  

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