Thursday, February 17, 2005

The need for quiet and meditation

Rick at Serenity Through Hope has a post on "The Power of Biblical Meditation." Taking time out to meditate is a neglected art among Christians today, Rick notes:

What is meditation? It is reading the Bible, listening to God, and asking Him to speak to our hearts. It means making ourselves available to Him for instruction and growth. To meditate requires time, outside silence, and inner quiet - three things that many of us unfortunately do not believe we must give to God. We are spiritually anemic because we keep busy running from one activity to the next.

But, Rick explains, there are some pretty substantial benefits for us if we do take the time to slow down and face silence. The post is worth reading.

The Word of God is powerful not so much for filling our minds with proof texts, as for changing us more and more into men and women like Christ. That requires quiet and meditation, and it allows us to be filled with love, power, and joy.

Another good place on the net to experience a more meditative side of grace is Debra's As I See It Now.


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