Monday, February 28, 2005

Sanctity of life over quality of life

In his ongoing "Now Choose Life" series, Rusty at Believer Blog has solid ideas on what the Book of Job has to tell us about the value of life: Job valued sanctity of life over quality of life. Even when things got about as bad as they could for Job, he refused to simply "Curse God and die":
End it all? Never. Job never bought into the notion he would be better off just ending it all. His knew that life belonged to God. Not to Job or any other human being. God alone had given life to him. It was only right to leave it to God alone to conclude it in His way. That's what Job believed. In the "sanctity of life."
It's a post worth reading. Rusty promises more on the sanctity of life based on Psalm 139.

And let's keep praying for and preaching about Terri Schiavo.


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