Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Wimp nation

One of the banes of American Christians, I think, is that somewhere along the way we have come be believe that discipleship equals timidity. Albert Mohler, in a Christian review of a recent Psychology Today article, asks "Are We Raising a Nation of Wimps?" Thanks to Rusty Peterman, whose own blog referred me to Dr. Mohler's review. The original Psychology Today article is available here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you and the article. My roommate, a devout Christian herself, has not learned to think and act for herself. She does have good, strong beliefs, but she has never tested them with criticism. For the last nine months I've been blogging about our differences. I can't believe that in a couple of weeks it will all be over. Here's hoping she and others mature over the summer!

10:33 PM, April 20, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the comment, and sorry it took me 27 months to reply. If you're still reading, I'm doing much better keeping track of my comments now.

6:25 PM, May 10, 2007  

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