Sunday, February 06, 2005

Preaching and church discipline

Bravo to Shrode over at Thinklings Weblog, Shrode writes on church discipline-- the need for it and the lack of it in most churches today:

I’m not saying this because I think people ought to be punished more or because I’m blood-thirsty. I’m bringing this up because I think the modern church has fallen victim to the world’s definition of love. To the world, love = being nice. But Biblical love just isn’t that way. Biblical love means glorifying God through your treatment of others. Allowing people to wallow in their own sin, self-deceived, isn’t love. It’s hate.

Preachers have a special burden in calling sin sin, especially within the church. Here's Shrode again:

If we are not willing to call sinners to repent, and back it up with discipline for the purpose of restoring them to relationship with God and men, then we don’t really love our brothers and sisters in Christ.



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