Friday, April 29, 2005

Genesis: Narrative patterns and community

Scot McKnight makes a fascinating observation about redemption and community in the book of Genesis:

Have you ever observed that the narrative pattern from Adam/Eve to Abraham found a dead end in the individualistic tendencies of Genesis 4--11? It was then, with Abraham in Genesis 12, that God "started all over again" and the first thing he did was form a community of transforming presence. With Abraham the theme of community -- a theme from Abraham to the Apostle Paul -- lays a foundation for understanding what the gospel is all about.

I'd never thought of that before. As a Christian in the United States, I've spent way too much time viewing salvation as an individual event. The kind of narrative pattern Scot points out here is helpful in beginning to see salvation as a people event in which each Christian is blessed to be a part. Scot has other important ideas on the topic of salvation, transformation, and communtiy. I recommend the whole article.


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