Thursday, April 14, 2005

The source of bold, adventurous worship

Here's a follow-up to yesterday's post about David Murrow and the fact that far fewer men than women are attending church services. Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum cuts to the heart of the matter:

John Eldredge, bestselling author of Wild at Heart, claims that men find church boring. David Morrow recently wrote Why Men Hate Going to Church. I have the simple answer for that: they are not encountering the Holy Spirit in the churches they attend. Someone who regularly attends a church that is filled with people overflowing with the Holy Spirit and who experiences the Holy Spirit in power in those meetings will NEVER be bored and will NEVER hate gathering. . . .

You never have to advertise a fire. The Holy Spirit's fire in a church will obliterate whatever feeble gains a marketing campaign can create. The Holy Spirit's fire in a church catches in the community and changes lives profoundly. The Holy Spirit's fire cleanses, renews, and empowers.

I think Dan's right. The question is, what must do Christians do or not do for the Spirit to work in power among us? And how can preaching catalyze the transformation to Spirit-empowered worship?


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