Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Facing the truth about demons

Dan Edelen writes about the reality of the demonic realm. It's something that many Christians, including Mainline and Evangelical Protestants, don't seem to take give adequate thought to in the West:

Evangelicals simply do not take the issue of demons seriously enough. In a time that can be categorized by its unrelenting dereliction of truth, sources of deception and darkness must be exposed for what they are. Failure to shine the light on this infernal darkness means that it will necessarily increase in boldness.

Dan refers to the Screwtape Letters, where C. S. Lewis warned that either extreme--of obsessing on demons or ignoring them altogether--are both harmful.

We are doing a great injustice to folks in the Church when we shy away from talking about demons. Again, an unhealthy preoccupation is wrong, but so is leaving the chthonic unmentioned. We have too often treated the demonic like bogeymen, thinking that if we ignore them they'll leave us alone. But rest assured of this one thing: they do not exist to leave us alone. And for this reason, we ignore them at our peril.

It's clear that the New Testament writers considered demons to be real, living entities. Yet Modernism relegated demons to the realm of fantasy ("There's no such thing as ghosts"). Could it be that the 21st century church is ready to view the demonic realm in proper perspective?


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