Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Harvest time all year long

Swap Blog examines John 4:27-42 and considers what it means for the fields to be ripe for the harvest:

A lesson like this can really put your life in perspective. We look around and see warm long days and we think – ah time to rest and relax a bit before we get into the real grind in a few months. How many times do we say – well during VBS (vacation bible school), or during this mission trip, or during our fall festival, or during such and such God will really move and work. That is rubbish. There is a spiritual harvest to brought in around you right now, even if it is not a “traditional” time of spiritual harvest – Christmas, Easter, retreats, missions, summer outreach, etc. . . . In a few weeks during X, Y or Z, or in a few months during X, Y, or Z we will get some work done for God. The work is available now. God works both in and out of our “seasons”. The work of salvation, outreach, ministry, and missions is not just for a few times a year, it is day in and day out process.



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