Saturday, May 07, 2005

What shall we say about Darfur?

I admit that the violence in Darfur is so massive and far removed from my own spheres of influence that I really don't know how I, or Christians in the United States, should respond. For one thing, I have signed this petition from Sojourners calling on action from the U.S. government. In a wider sense, all Christians around the world should be praying for an end to the violence and suffering.

Christian leaders should also remember Darfur in our preaching and teaching. Granted, political or military action is not at the heart of the gospel, yet we are clearly called by Jesus to remember "the least of these" (Mt. 25:32-46). Any suggestions on how best to do that from the pulpit? Personally, I'm unsure how best to address this issue. "Wars and rumors of wars" are clearly not to be the focus of our preaching, but events in Darfur warrant more than a simple sermon illustration on the fallenness of humanity.

Update: Allthings2all addresses the issue in this post, and Mr. Standfast has a collection of links on the topic. Brad at 21st Century Reformation has also turned his attention to Darfur.


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