Thursday, June 09, 2005

The intersection of discipleship and business

Dan at Cerulean Sanctum has begun a series on an important but neglected issue in Western Christianity: a Christian approach to business. Part 2 looks at economic systems and asserts that capitalism is the best--but with a few qualifications:

I don't think that God is all that interested in economics. . . He is always concerned with the righteousness of how we do business (Proverbs alone, for instance, reminds us numerous times that God is vehemently against fraudulent weights and measures), but the actual system that we conduct our business under is less focused.

Dan acknowledges that "no economic system functions justly in a fallen world. His conclusion?

We need to deal humbly before the Lord in every business transaction we conduct and I think this, more than the type of economic system we labor in, pleases God.
Today's Part 3 considers the nature of work itslef. There's also a series introduction, and Part 1 deals with Dan's qualifications for writing the series. I look forward to the rest of the series, where Dan promises to explore a ''radically different" work ethic for Christians.


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